Value Added Services

Understanding that it can be a costly process to move product through your supply chain, Universal Warehouses, through the expertise of our employees and our enhanced technologies, provides an array of services, eliminating steps in getting your product to its final destination.

Contract Packaging

Our team of skilled individuals can convert single product packaging to multi product packages, and utilize state-of-the-art Kisters Kayat shrink wrapping technology to apply clear and/or print registered film as required. In addition, we can provide blister, skin, clamshell, bag and carton contract packaging services as well as aftermarket kit and parts return processing, and any other club store packaging.

Light Manufacturing

We will take your products and build their displays; cut to size their additional parts, inspect their circuits, and perform quality inspections.

Carton Assembly

Utilizing automatic carton erecting equipment, Universal Warehouses has the ability to set up and assemble Knock Down (KD) carton material and/or displays applying both hot and cold gluing methods.


We offer a wide range of packaging services which include the repackaging of products from a variety of configurations to include but not limited to:

Bulk to Bulk, Bulk to Case, Case to Case, Case to Bulk, Case to Display

Glass Reselect

Universal Warehouses employs a team of technically knowledgeable individuals, with many years of experience in the glass industry, giving us the ability to readily identify, remove and document glass defects or imperfections at the request of our customers.

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